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This is the BEST ...

This is the BEST thing and learning experience that could have happened for my little one when he was 4 years old. He went to Boni Montessori school for 2 plus years and the school and the vision of the Principal Ms. Simoes is marvelous. The academic standards and the teaching methodology is par excellence. Focus is on all aspects of nurturing the child and his/her potential. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED.

By Jasjot B      April 11, 2014

Absolutely Recommend

Boni Montessori School is the best thing that has happen for my two boys. Mrs. Simoes is an exceptional educator with great compassion and integrity. Her vision for they children attending her institution is well executed. My first son loved it now, my second son is also enjoying his learning experiences.

By Sharda M         May 14, 2014

Highly Recommended..

This school has been the best thing that had happened to my twin boys who were little delayed in their speech. The care and professionalism shown by Mrs. Simoes is unmatched. We truly appreciate her hard work which has done wonders with our boys. It is very hard to find conscientious teachers now days. Would recommend this school to anyone who is looking for betterment of their kids.

By Raj M        April 18, 2014

 5 star

I just love this place and I feel fortunate that my daughter is a part of this program and here is why:
Progressive Discipline: Promotes positive student behavior
Encourage innovative thinking and creativity.
Truly inspired by Maria Montessori ideals.
Diverse environment.
A place called another "HOME" where they are nurtured by Angels.

Rajneesh Pathak     May 10, 2015

Testimonials from our parents.


Boni Montessori school is my son's favourite place. He just loves his teachers. School is a lot of fun for him. Teachers not only teach the lessons,but also,helps them to learn the best behaviour.They nurtures each child in their own special way. Highly recommended for anyone. I am planning to send my daughter also.

By Shildy M      April 15, 2014

Very Impressed

We are very impressed and happy with our sons progress in such a short period of time. Aayan has been attending Boni Montessori since March and he's already speaking French with his teachers and his vocabulary has improved immensely. He is so passionate to talk about his day on a daily basis and I give full credit to Mrs. Simoes and her staff!!

Armando B     April 29, 2015

A Place you can Trust

A place you can TRUST and your child is gonna just LOVE it. My daughter is a social butterfly and I thought that day care transition will be very easy for me, but I was so wrong. She didn't like it at all. She cried every day. That's when my search started again and came across BONI Montessori School. The staff here is amazing and I saw a difference in her in a week. She is a happy go girl again. I can't wait for my second child to be a part of this awesome and worth it school.

By Dolly           February 24, 2015

Excellent Montessori School

Excellent Montessori school that exemplifies the ideals of Maria Montessori. Your child will build self esteem, will be respected and will enjoy learning. The directress is a woman of character, integrity and good values. She is attentive to the needs of each child and skilled at directing them as needed. My daughter only spent a brief time there as we moved out of province and the saddest part of leaving was taking her out of this school. Your child is blessed to be able to attend this school.

By Cynthia C.       June 3, 2014