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About Our Principal

Our Principal and Directress of the Casa Program holds an AMI Montessori diploma from Good Shepherd Maria Montessori Training Centre in Sri Lanka.

With nearly 20 years of international teaching experience in Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Canada, Mrs. Simoes has the unique perspective of how the Montessori method positively impacts children of all cultures.  As one of the first Casa directress in Taiwan’s first Montessori School - Taipei Montessori School - she learned firsthand how patience, caring and ingenuity can take a child’s desire to learn, and teach them a new language, culture and skills - a feat that she wholeheartedly believes could only be achieved through Montessori’s method.

Rounding out her International experience in Canada, she taught at North York Montessori School and Toronto Montessori Schools where her interaction with the diverse cultures of Toronto allowed her to see that regardless of their prior learning experiences, all children can be successful.

As a Directress, Mrs. Simoes firmly believes that just as her students learn something new every day, so too should keep her skills current. Her AMI education is consistently supplemented with professional development conferences and workshops conducted by CAMT and CCMA, AMI refresher courses and many other seminars pertaining to children's development.

Her vast experience has brought her attention to the Brampton area where she believes her skills along with Maria Montessori’s methodology can be used to bring out a child’s full potential.

Margaret Simoes